Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally finished Afternoon Respite. What do you think? Pattern will be available soon.
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Delicious News :)

I just recently became aware of a free bookmark site.  You can store your bookmarks publicly and privately.  You can share bookmarks with others and have them all in the same place.  I created a short tutorial on how to access this site.  Click on the video tutorial  link and enjoy or visit
Video Tutorial

Friday, April 22, 2011


I've been absent with out leave for awhile.  With homework and traveling I haven't gotten much done on the quilting front.  Since the first of March we've been to St. George, Utah; Columbus, Indiana; and Claybasin, Wyoming.
You are probably wondering why any self-respecting woman would go to Claybasin, husband's employer sent him there and I tagged along.  It was kind of peaceful not having cell phone service or instant access to the internet.  Here is a short movie of my experience at Claybasin.  Claybasin is about 35 minutes from Flaming Gorge Reservoir I was able to get some pretty pictures of Flaming Gorge in the rain.  I will post those later.