Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Adventure

I've been gone awhile.  Illness, moving and day to day life have changed some of my dreams and goals.
I've started on a new adventure.  In February I purchased an HQ Avante 18 long arm machine. We are becoming best buddies.
It has been fun to watch how quickly I can quilt a quilt compared to my domestic machine.  I still enjoy quilting small items on my domestic but the longarm is fun!!!  I'm quilting for the Quilts of Valor and for others.
My Grandma Eva was a quilter so I named my longarm Eva.  There will be some changes on the blog instead of focusing on embroidery patterns I will be focusing on my longarm quilting business and items that relate to that.
I still have the embroidery patterns listed on Etsy and I will start to include some premade quilts in my Etsy shop as well.
My Grandma Eva is the one holding the baby.  This is four generation from left to right, Me, My Mom, My Grandmom and My daughter.  My daughter just turned 34.  Time has flown.
 If you want a price list and more information about my longarm quilting drop me a line at and I will send you a price list.