Friday, October 14, 2011

Scripture Cover

I have been wanting to make a cover for my scriptures ever since I saw the tutorial on Delia Creates.  But I wanted to make it my own ... no handles & I love how my husbands scriptures have a flap to protect the pages.  So I made my own pattern.  

Now for the disclaimer ... I am not a seamstress - so for all of you who are please have patience with me.  I have learned a lot with this project.  I have used interfacing for the first time, made my first buttonhole (without a special attachment I might add), and applied a snap button.  A lot of firsts for me. :)

You can click on a link at the end of the tutorial to get the patterns - but these patterns are for a book that measures 5 7/8"x 4"x 2 1/5" .  If you want to make your own pattern you can - I traced my scriptures laying flat on a piece of paper - I then measured and squared everything up.  I added 3/4" to the outside of my pattern but I sewed everything with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
1. Pick out the colors - find two colors that compliment each other - I purchased 1/2 yard of each color and 1/2 yard of interfacing that can be ironed onto the fabric
2. Cut everything out:
Main pattern - 2 interfacing pieces, 1 main color, 1 secondary color
Cover sleeve - 1 interfacing & 1 main color
Cover sleeve w/flap - 1 main color
Pen area - 1 main color
Interfacing for cover sleeve w/ flap - 1 interfacing
Strip for secondary color - 1
Strip for interfacing that will be used with secondary color
3. Take the pen area and iron 1/4" seam on the top and stitch into place.
4. Now iron each of the sides over by 1/4" (I do not stitch them down).  I then pin the pen area into place on the cover sleeve w/flap. I used the pattern as a guide.
5. I know the picture doesn't show it really great but the bottom of the pen area lines up with the bottom of the cover sleeve w/flap and I stitched down each side of the pen area.
6. I then ironed the interfacing onto all of the pieces except the secondary color strip - I'll explain that next.
7. Take the secondary color strip and iron 1/4" on the long sides.
8. I then ironed the interfacing - I did this because it gave the strip strength and more stability for me to sew. The first time I did two colors I didn't do this and as I sewed the strip onto the main color it created crinkles.
9. Sew the strip to the main color/main pattern and trim ends & set aside.
10. Iron and stitch a 1/4" seam on both cover sleeves 
11. Pin the cover sleeves to the main secondary color & set aside.
12. Now take the 2 main sections and pin together with the wrong side facing out.
13. Now when it comes to sewing I started on one of the edges of a cover sleeve and went around the whole thing I then stopped at the edge of the other cover sleeve leaving small opening so I could turn it inside out.  Now I backstitched the opening so they didn't come undone when I turned the fabric inside out.  As you can see from the picture I also trimmed the corners so the corners would be crisp.
14. I turned the fabric inside out and removed the pins holding the sleeves on very carefully.
15.  I then ironed the whole cover and topstitched around it to make the edges look nice and seal the hole.
16. I tested to make sure my scriptures fit and mark where I wanted the button.
17. I added a buttonhole to this scripture cover and I like the button but it does make it a little difficult to get into your scriptures. I centered the button and marked the ends with pins
 18. As you can see I drew a line so I could remove the pins. 
19.  I did two large zig-zag stitches on the ends and small very close zig-zags along the line.  Then I used my seam ripper to cut into the fabric and I had my buttonhole. :)  I then sewed the button to the other cover sleeve and I was done.

To access the patterns click on the pattern link on the right side of the page.  You will be directed to a website where you can download them.  Print them out and cut out.  Those that have to be taped together will have stars to show where they need to match up.

Here are the three scripture covers that I made:

By the end I changed what I was using to close the scripture cover.  I tried a button snap - this damaged my scriptures, I tried velcro and this did okay as long as I had a big enough piece, I also tried the button/buttonhole combo and this did really well but it takes a lot of effort to close and open.  I shared my frustration with my 8 year old son and he simply stated I should use magnets--so I added strong magnets in between the fabric and I love this.  You can also buy cute magnetic purse closures at your local craft store.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial...let me know if it worked for you.


Kelly said...

These are beautiful. You did a awesome job.

Azure Moon Design said...

Thank you!

Julie said...

My email I was hoping you could give me the measurements for the fabric to cut on for the scripture cover. When I go to print it. It's print blank. Thanks Julie

Racheibug said...

you could also use a button and sew in a spandex hair tie into the point of the envelope thing on the front of the cover. then wrap the elastic hair tie around the button to pen and close. This is a lot easier and faster to get into than a standard button hole.

cryssal said...

Could I also get your measurements for the pieces used in the scripture cover?
Thanks. You did a great job!

Kehaulani said...

I would also LOVE to have the measurements!
Thank you so much for this great idea!!!

Unknown said...

Are you still sharing the measurements? I would love to make this right away, before my scriptures get beat up any more in my church bag!! (

Ruth Knight said...

I figured it out -- the pdf's aren't blank, you just have to click on the "download" bar at the top of the page, and it's right there. Can I justify sewing this on Sunday if it's for my scriptures??

Taniadc2013 said...

May I too get your measurements used in the scripure cover? my email is
Thank you so much! You did a wonderful job! and the magnet idea is genius! :)

Ashleigh said...

May I also get the measurements please? This is adorable! I love it.

kstrack said...

I have a questions, perhaps I missed it but how are the scriptures secured in the cover?


Kstrack @ gmail . com

Nicole said...

Can I also get the measurements? My email is Thanks

Silent Giant said...

Can I please get your measurments. You did a great job, and I would love to make one as well.

Thanks so much for sharing

M.R. Polish said...

These are great. I too would like the measurements please.
thank you for sharing!

WilsonFamily said...

Beautiful covers!! I'd love the measurements if they are still available! Thanks!!

Mister T. said...

There is no patterns link on the right side of the page. Can you send me the patterns for this to

Norman's Home said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I LOVE the last cover pattern. You did a beautiful job.

I'd also like to make one for my Bible but, like others, I don't see the pattern link. Can you email it to me? 3normans(at)gmail?

Thank you so much!

Alana White said...

I love this tutorial, I would love to do this for my bible and my daughters bible as well. I did not see the link for the pattern. Could you please email me the link at alanawhite42(at)



Brittney Meier said...

I love what you have made. They have all turned out beautiful. I would really love to get the pattern and the measurments because I can't click on the link. If you could please email me at I would appreciate it. I am trying to make this for my daughter's baptism on Saturday.
Thank you,

Jaycee Checketts said...
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Cindy Duncan said...

Can you email me the pattern? Thank you!

charle smith said...

Can you please send me the pattern. My email is
Thank you so much you have a lot of talent : )

Melissa Whithorn said...

Is there a way to have this pattern emailed to me? I would love to make one for my Bible. My email is Thank you very much!!

Lydia whatever said...

These are beautiful! If you do not mind, would you please e-mail me the pattern? I looked on the right side of the page like you said for a link, but I am not seeing it. My email is :) Thank you so much! I would love to surprise my mom with one! Thanks again!

Juanita said...

To Lydia and a few commenters previous...I notice that this blogger doesn't seem to be answering questions lately. I found the pattern she refers to in this post. If you look on the right side, there is a box labeled "Video Tutorials" in light green letters and in the box is a file called "Delicious Tutorial". Click on "Delicious Tutorial" and it will take you to At the top of the page, right under where it says "" you will see a link called "JeniceA's Library". Click on that and you will see the file called "Scripture or Book Protector". Click on that you will see several files with the names of the different pattern pieces. Then click on each piece and at the top under the "tweet" logo, it says "unable to embed this content type. Download this media" on the download this media link and you can then save it to your computer or open with Adobe Reader.

Jenice Allred said...

We really thank you for your interest but this pattern is no longer available. :)