Monday, January 10, 2011

Change is good and fast is great!!!

This video was posted on facebook about a week ago.  I can't believe how creative Suzanne McNeill is to create such a cool block.  This block has only three seams and if you make it from a layer cake there is very little cutting involved.  This is my quilt that I'm working on:
 I'm using Lily and Will from Bunny Hill.  I'm going to use the brown plaid as the border...I'm just waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  This quilt is fast and easy and would be wonderful for a quick gift or raffle. 

I finished our January stitchery pattern, I made it into a cute pillow:

I went to see Kristy my favorite hair dresser and I went back to a darker hair color again.  I just love changing my hair:
Here is the before:
Here is the after:

What do you think?  I hope you have a wonderful quilty week!!


Charae said...

Really like the new color and cut! Charae

Bunny Henningsen said...

you're all spiky!

xrtexpat said...

You know I like it...spikey is fun and easy to maintain!

MAUREEN said...

Love the new "doo" ~ Spiky looks great!! I love the quilt too. Thanks for posting the technique.