Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two WIP's almost done!!!

I'm so exicited since two of my works in progress (WIPs) are all most done.  I need to go buy some batting and backing and the quilting can commence.  Here is the quilt I designed for my grandbaby Eeaunna.  I love the bright colors.  Don't you think that the fabric just sings little girl...
 I started this quilt last summer and I put it away because I became distracted by another project.  All you quilters now how that is...anyway I digress...when I was sewing the pieced blocks I could tell that my piecing skills have greatly improved over the last few month which gives me a tremendous amout of joy.  I know, I know I get excited over the littlest things.  I'm going to back this quilt with bright orange minkee.
Close up of the pieced block:

My second project is from the 10 minute block video I posted in a previous post.  This quilt was so fun to put together I started making another one...lol  I'm going to put chocolate brown minkee on the back of this one.  I loved the plaid but working with plaid makes me nervous since I'm not quite sure how to make it line up.  I made one mistake on this quilt.  I turned the one block so the brown plaid is next to the brown plaid border..oh well...I'm not going to unpick it...:)

I got out the compass and started doodling around with it.  I would encourage you to do the same. It is a lot of fun and really releases that creative spirit.
I've got another purse design on the drawing board and an idea brewing for February's stitchery pattern.  Have a wonderful quilty week.


Helen said...

Hi Jenice,
I was in Utah with my son. He was doing a internship training program at Deer Valley. While I was there visited with Renea Haddidin. I was ahh struck by her talent. And I spent my days quilt store hopping. I had so... much fun. Really got to know my way around the Salt Lake area. Coming out next week...probably will only get in skiing, but maybe coming out in April again.

Jenice said...

That is awesome. You need to check out Whimsy Cottage in SLC and Thimbles and Threads. Believe it or not I'm a homegrown Utahn and I've only cross country skied...go figure...

xrtexpat said...

Jenice the little ones who will be cuddling up in these quilts will be very happy, warm and love that Minkee on the back for sure. Great job.