Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HMQS Quilt Show

On Saturday Kevin and I attended the HMQS show in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As always there were many beautiful quilts and fun vendors.  I will post later about my purchases.  I wanted to share some of the beautiful quilts that were there.  I only took a few pictures and didn't want to pay $30.00 for the cd of the quilts.  I put my Snowman Quilt in the show to get some judges feedback.  I haven't received the feedback yet since they forgot to put it in with my quilt.  I will let you know when I get it.
Sue Garman had one of her quilts there and she received a ribbon...of course...she is a very talented lady.  
The first quilt was made by Curtis W. Hathaway.  He is 72 years old and this is first quilt.  The quilt was inspiried by Pam Holland's book "1776 Quilt"  This quilt was awarded a ribbon.
 This Quilt is called, "A Simple Touch and was made by Pat Rollie.  She received a ribbon as well. The piece was painted with reactive dyes and highlighted with raw edge applique, silk ribbons and wool.  Beautiful Piece!
 This quilt is called "David Loves Janie: by Joan Musick.  When her father died her mother was going through papers and found a birthday card that he had given her years earlier so Joan made a quilt from that card.  No ribbons but I loved it.
 This is called "My Buddy and Me" and is Barbara McKie's first art quilt.  It is a photograph on fabric that she has quilted.  The seals look so real.  She received a Teacher's Choice ribbon.
 This quilt is called, "My Stars in the Night" and is quilted by Jill Bennet and constructed by Peggy Gelbrich.  I love the colors on the black background.  This quilt was foundation paper pieced using freezer paper and Jacqualine de Jonge of Be Colourful Designs.
 This quilt received two ribbons.  It was made by Rose-Clair Fletcher.  It is a video screen capture of her granddaughter. Her granddaughter wad crawling under the porch and said, "Ooo those spiders will make me a robot?"  This piece has fused applique, painting with fabric dye and longarm thread painting.
 This quilt is called Pharaoh's Fan by Shari McDonnell Guimont and quilted by Norma Riehm.  The original design is by Claudie Clark Myers.  No ribbon but beautiful intricate work.
 This quilt is called: "Snapshot:  Snannon's Bantam and was made by Denise Havlan.  She painted, machine embroidered and quilted this quilt.  The shorts were made from real denim material and the cuffs were actually rolled up.  One of my favorite quilts and a ribbon winner.

 This is Sue Garman's quilt called "Lily Rosenberry and was quilted by Denise Green.  This quilt received a Judge's choice ribbon.  Beautiful detail the picture doesn't do it justice.

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