Tuesday, May 17, 2011

International Quilt Market

I attended my first quilt market in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I went to Sample Spree and then spent all day Friday at the vendors.  Sample Spree was crazy...people were lined up for three hours and when they opened the door it was crazy...everyone ran for the Moda table and was grabbing fabric like it was going out of style...lol

I was able to meet Pat Sloan, Jim West, Patrick Lose, Annie Smith, and Alex Veronelli.  I saw Eleanor Burns and Jinny Beyer.

I learned a lot and was able to get some good feedback on my patterns.  Here are some fun pictures:

Aurifil Thread had a contest on Facebook where we submitted names for their new variegated thread.  One of my names was chosen.  It was a yellow variegated thread and I named it Golden Glow so Alex wanted a picture with me since I was one of the winners.

I won some more Aurifil Thread because I completed a vendor shop hop...woo hoo!!!!

My favorite booth at market was the Riley Blake booth.  It was cute and very clever.

Market was only a block away from Temple Square where the Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ is located.  Here are some beautiful flowers from Temple Square.

My husband and I went and ate at a fun restaurant called the "Blue Lemon" as we walked out of the restaurant I saw the spires of the Temple peeking over the roof tops with a beautiful blue sky as a back drop.  I had to snap a picture.

 I hope you have a wonderful quilty week and all your fabric dreams come true!!!!

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